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Tapeworm Disco puzzle is now also available on catalog on playdate!


Tapeworm disco puzzle is a grid based puzzle game where you play as a tapeworm; the local night club owner. It's your job to make sure the fleas enjoy themselves. You'll be helping them collect blood, play bangin tunes and get them to gigs on time.

Each level has an objectives and obstacles like: -Avoid enemies -Don't kill the fleas -Collect all the notes -Help the fleas collect the blood -Open Doors witch switches -Help Fleada get to the gig on time (Fleada is a cat walk model)

Full color PDF Manual:

D-pad to move
B to restart level and view password
A or Crank clockwise to wind the worm in
Crank counter/anti clockwise to extend in direction you are facing

To change sides of cassette press a or down then at the bottom of the tape entrance.

The game has a basic save feature where you can continue from where you left off, start from the beginning or enter a password found on the tapes between levels.

This Contains:

  • Playdate PDX file
  • PDF Manual
  • Game Soundtrack

Install guide:
Ofical guide here https://help.play.date/games/sideloading/
head over to the playdate sideload page. Link your account to your device if you haven't already.
Click chose a file and select this zip file.
Then on the playdate go to settings>games. Look for tapeworm disco puzzle on the list, select it and the press the download/installbutton and wait. The game will then be added to your main games list under My Games. 

Art/Design: Alastair Low 
Programming: Valdir Salgueiro 
Music: Tuï

The game was created for the NES but will be available fore NES, Dreamcast and PC through the kickstarter. One of the stretch goals was a playdate build so here it is.

If you are looking for the NES version you can find it here:

Pres skit can be found here: http://lowtek.co.uk/press/sheet.php?p=TapewormDiscoPuzzle

tapeworm playdate shirt

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
TagsPixel Art, Playdate, Retro, snake, worm


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TapewormManualPlaydate.pdf 20 MB
TapewormDiscoPuzzleSoundtrack.zip 85 MB
TapeWorm03Final.pdx.zip 7 MB

Development log


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Cute, will you put on steam?


Have to say that tapeworm is one of my favourite retro games! Loved it so much that I have it on nes, playdate and evercade! Especially love the wonderful soundtrack. Just wondering if chew chew mimic will also come out on itch.io? Love the fact that I could also play it on the simulator, or should I just buy from the catalog?

Thanks , Glad you like it. Wasnt planning on an itch release but may happen at some point. Easyer to run sales on here and can include soundtrack, manual etc.
I think catalog is more convenient for auto updating but hadn't considered people just playing the games on sim.

I had the insight I could try out this game on the simulator as I waited for my playdate to arrive, but unfortunately when I tried to load it it keeps giving me a [no such function 'update'] error :(.  Simulator is version 1.13.7.  I'm on macOS 13.4. I don't think it's the simulator, as all other games I've purchased seem to run just fine.  Any advice/help to get this to run on the simulator would be greatly appreciated!!

hmm iv never ran it on mac sim before, its a windows toolchain we use so not sure how phesable it is to get a mac build running. sorry about that for now.


Hi. Absolutelly loved the game! Just finished it, and was surprised by a bug: After a few times dying in level 95, I was taken to level 96 (without completing 95). Now that I've finished the game, the CONTINUE option takes me back to level 95. Well, at least I'll have the chance to beat it now!  :- )


I'm glad you live the game.
Hmm strange, iv never seen that before, Il keep an eye out, that levels all about doing stuff in the right order and timing. is pritty tough with multiple steps.


This game is so much fun, I absolutely love it !!!


Love these little playdate puzzlers !!!!

just one suggestion .......

Get rid of the borders and make the play area a little bigger !!!!!

The Playdate screen is small enough 🤣🤣🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Thanks. :) We did try out versions that fit the full screen but since the game was designed for NES at first it would mean rebalancing all the levels or adding a boring inaccessible area. We thought the borders looked cooler and was much less hassle.

ahhhh , that's fair enough. Thanks for the reply..... Still a great game !!


Love it! 

Is this essentially the same as the other versions? It's not missing anything (apart from colour, obviously)?

Theres no 2 player on playdate version coz thers only 1 set of controlls


This is a tiny tiny thing, but I really wish the worm ate the last tape or music note. It's making my brain itch! Love your game, btw :)


So I bought this for the Playdate and loved it, but my husband wanted to play the NES version instead of on my Playdate. Do I need to purchase again to obtain that version?

thanks , im glad you enjoyed it. Ye they are separate. do you have a flash cart to play the rom on actual hardware? or do you want to buy a physical nes copy? If you just wana play the game in color , it launched yesterday on all the new consoles with flea as "Parasite pack"


The game won't sideload. I tried both versions by upload and also through the simulator. I keep getting this message when trying to run 10 in the simulator: no such function 'update' Please help!


Update: it works if you use Chrome to sideload it, but other methods won't work for me.

thanks for testing this out, iv not heard anyone else have this issue but il do some tests when i have the time. glad you got it to work in the end, hope you enjoy the game


I've been loving the game! I loved the NES demo... :D


Very fun game. My favorite sideloaded game so far. 


Absolutely delightful


Love this idea, bought it ready for when I get my playdate delivered :)


Thanks. so you'll have 3 games on week 1 :) hope you have fun 


This game is fantastic. One of the best games on Playdate!

Thanks I'm so glad you think so  :)

Hey just wanted to let you know there is a bug on level 83. If you collect the music note after the box falls through it, it does not count and you have to restart the level.

(1 edit)

Good catch, we did see this already , its on the bug list. Thanks for the heads up. Thats why we added a level restart incase there was anything like this :)


Really awesome game, I just love it. Played it through twice. I kept tab on the level codes and I just want to say, it would have been a nice little addition to have a code for LVL1 as well. There are some easy choices for that code like TAPE or WORM. ;)

cool idea. there technicaly is a code for lvl 1, thoguh dosnt show at first. if u press b to reset level it shows and its "HGMG" just random generated


Absolutely loving this game. Here is my review.

Thanks for playing and sharing. Im glad you liked the game and good to see some evercade fans on the playdate too :)


Been keeping tabs on this game from Reddit and gotta say, this game absolutely delivers.

The overall aesthetic is great! Soundtrack, art and the cutesy story bits are funny and well written. Fleada is such a great name lol.

The mechanics are solid! I am so excited to keep delving deeper and see what some of the late game is like.

Phenomenal job and is a top tier Playdate game I'd put right up there with Bloom and Eyeland!

Thanks for playing and sharing. Im glad you are enjoying it so far.
ha  ha most of the characters only exist coz there was a pun involved. i may rename a couple as iv found better puns afterwords :P like the science flea defo should be called fleagor


I picked this up yesterday with no knowledge of the project, it just looked cute. Well I sat down and beat all 100 levels in a single sitting lol

Great game! Neat mechanics, the story is cute and to the point, and the music is AMAZING. Definitely pick this up. Easily in the same quality level of official Season 1 titles.

Good going how long did it take? 

Thanks I'm realy glad you liked the game and thought the quality was high :)

I want to say it took me about 3 hours? Maybe 4. I honestly was too busy having fun to keep track xD


On the double-headed levels, the crank only extends/retracts one head. Is that intentional?

Well spotted. We did find this just before launch. It's at the top of the list to fix

The new build should have this fixed :)


Great Game! Must have game for the playdate!


excited to play!  Do you have to sideload the music zip as well or is that just for enjoyment outside the game? 


Thanks. Thats just to enjoy as a soundtrack :) same with the manual



Excellent, quirky, and nicely balanced puzzle game! Great addition to the Playdate's library <3


Thanks Im glad you like the quirkyness :)

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i just started  playing the game and was confused because it never shows you grabbing the last peace. it just moves on to the next level. otherwise so far it’s fantastic. i love the graphics. definitely worth

Ah i could see that being an initial moment of confusion. We do play the level complete noise but may be weird at first. Thanks, were really happy with how it turned out :)

that would be my confusion i was playing without sound 


BUMPIN' TUNES! Looks awesome! Just purchased, sideloading now, can't wait to play.


Definitely enjoying this game. Thank you for your hard work!


Thanks , im realy glad your enjoying it.