Bug Fixes and tweeks after new firmware

Big hanks to user JoeryV who pointed out a bug on level 51 where the worm didint loop round screen properly.
Since we were doing a new build we also updated the way input works on boss levels. now it instantly moves when u press the button insed of waiting to the next movment tick, every 20 frames, then the movement timer is reset. 
tweeked a couple levels, swaped  lvl 34 and 39 as they are the same kinda but the easyer one was later and it was anoying me everytime i played through. 
Fixed similar screen loop glitch on level 77
Fixed a bug on lvl 83 where u could glitch the note to be uncolectable. 
Tweeked the final boss level 100 to accomodate the new input timings. 

We have hopefuly now fixed this bug. hopefuly noone looses there saves but if you do heres a list of all the level passwords for refrence to get back to where you were. 

{"HGMG"}, {"UPFC"}, {"LFOA"}, {"FLEA"}, {"XIEE"}, {"SOFR"}, {"BHLW"}, {"YLGJ"}, {"REUB"}, {"CPSA"}, {"RRMM"}, {"ICXT"}, {"DHZW"}, {"POHZ"}, {"TMNF"}, {"ZHQZ"}, {"NVEP"}, {"AUUG"}, {"ITZG"}, {"WOOD"},

{"VSQW"}, {"DIJL"}, {"ZHIH"}, {"GYGC"}, {"FLEX"}, {"RFLV"}, {"ZNRX"}, {"XTYJ"}, {"SULK"}, {"XGYC"}, {"OOWM"}, {"IPOI"}, {"AFTA"}, {"RKDZ"}, {"IJHC"}, {"BJEF"}, {"MLMD"}, {"MBIM"}, {"DWGO"}, {"HOOK"},

{"HTTP"}, {"HSZQ"}, {"OCKT"}, {"ZTBC"}, {"POSH"}, {"QZCS"}, {"BRFK"}, {"YDGA"}, {"WYVA"}, {"WRSI"}, {"LCUF"}, {"TIIH"}, {"AHUO"}, {"ZGHV"}, {"MJRF"}, {"ITHS"}, {"KGHT"}, {"YPAP"}, {"YXTO"}, {"RING"},

{"WXVV"}, {"GARL"}, {"UKSD"}, {"HRQH"}, {"PUYC"}, {"ERWV"}, {"IRUO"}, {"VDXT"}, {"YVXH"}, {"DWBY"}, {"LMTB"}, {"LDCP"}, {"SETP"}, {"POMR"}, {"AVGN"}, {"VFPJ"}, {"EZAI"}, {"FSBG"}, {"DXNU"}, {"NEDL"},

{"ITKS"}, {"LXBX"}, {"NOYQ"}, {"HIOD"}, {"GFPU"}, {"KOND"}, {"WLGS"}, {"YPNB"}, {"TGWY"}, {"OOJS"}, {"SFZF"}, {"ELKL"}, {"WYAW"}, {"WMSF"}, {"NQLC"}, {"JRIG"}, {"ALLR"}, {"YBNG"}, {"EFVY"}, {"SILK"},

Thanks Ally


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Sep 03, 2023

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