Firmware update

As some of you know panic updated their firmware and games built with c needed to be rebuilt. This is that rebuild, it ads a thumbnail image to the game in list mode.
We also compressed the audio so the packagie is now 1/4 of the size it once was


TapeWorm_2_0_FW_Update.pdx 7 MB
Jun 20, 2023

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Hi, I'm not sure this is already mentioned somewhere, but I encounter a bug where the enemy going from right to left is not looping, disappears after passing once, but still kills the worm (e.g. lvl 55).

thanks for the heads up,  dono if this broke with the sdk update. dont think it was like this before. will try and fix when we have time 

Would you mind sharing what you used to compress the audio? Did it result in a noticeable drop in quality? (Not that the Playdate’s speakers are particularly high fidelity anyway.)

I just used audacity and the recomended wav format from playdate docs

Ah right! I was hoping you’d found some clever way of squashing the audio files down further 😅