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Thx for the game.

The game has been beautiful. Congratulations. ^^

Love it! Man, that music is killer!

Imagine Snake, but cuter and with better music - you'll almost be able to picture how cute this is! 

Thanks for playing and sharing . Im glad you liked it :)

lol this was such a good game it really made my day

this is awesome

This game is awesome!!!! And the soundtrack is so good!!!

This game is so cool! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

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This is sooo much fun. I love the references to Lemmings and that my knowledge of Flea meant I instantly understood what to do with the fleas. The music is AWESOME, I have been running the game just to listen to the music xD

This is awesome! Great gameplay, design, music... great package overall, really excited to see where this goes!


Thanks man , I'm glad you liked it. Still a few bugs to iron out and loads of ideas to explore for puzzles. Thanks for sharing :)

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Wow - this is alot of fun and super polished!  I appreciated the early levels showing you the game mechanics, and the appearance of an old friend in later levels. WOW!

One more reason for us to add NES and NESMaker support to Argon sooner rather than later!

I like this a lot. I played through the first dozen or so levels, enough that I'll wait for the final game to play more so they'll be fresh. The grow-and-retract mechanic reminds me of the old arcade game Anteater. I'm curious to see how far you can push the combinations of the various goals and puzzle elements.

My one request/suggestion would be to separate the retract and swap exit buttons. Several times I hammered the retract button to get back to start, but overshot and also moved the worm head. It doesn't seem that both buttons are used, so you could have one button retract and the other move. That would need a bit more audio, some sort of error sound if the player tries to retract when already fully retracted, or tries to move when not fully retracted.

I've bookmarked the project and I'll definitely back for the ROM.

Thanks , ye a few ppl have said anteater. I never played it before though.

Aso for the rewind thing, theres tsill room for some button optimizations (mabie hold to wind or some kinda input delay if your at the tape to stop it switching asmuch), it was initally the way you said but I didint think it flowed well and we may have plans to use that button in the future for something else :)

There are only 15 levels in the demo so u must have got prity close.