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A Hurdy Gurdy music toy for Playdate
The eagerly awaited Hurdy Gurdy fainaly makes its way onto playdate.

A unique and fun music app that lets you play a virtual Hurdy Gurdy instrument on your Playdate. With Hurdy Gurdy, you can experience the rich, distinctive sound of the Hurdy Gurdy, a traditional stringed instrument that produces a buzzing drone, and trumpet string sounds. Using the Playdate's crank and control pad, you can control the speed of the wheel, the pitch of the notes, allowing you to create a wide range of musical expressions.

Hours or fun with playdates most accurate Hurdy Gurdy simulator to date.

As seen on the playdate community awards half time show performance

Trumpet string (can turn on and tune sensitivity in options)
Turn drone string off and on
Tune anticlockwise different for clockwise(cant do that on a real Gurdy)
2 octaves of notes,(Tilt device to activate higher string/octave (can tweak in options))
Play in multiple scales -major, miner, natural
Transpose to different keys

Options Menu:
bring up the options by ether pressing the system menu button then selecting options or by docking the crank, press b to exit when the crank is undocked.

-change between Major, Miner and Natural 
-toggle drone string off and on, transposes with transpose option
-toggle trumpet string off and on, can tune sensitivity
Gurdy Skin
-Chose from 7 Gurdy designs
Trumpet Active
-tune the amount of movement needed to activate trumpet string
-Transpose notes up or down to play in different keys with other instruments.
Detune Back Crank
-Transpose the tuning when cranked anti clockwise
Open Delay
-Tune the amount of time before the note returns to the open g string, makes it easier to not sound like grace notes all the time but some songs require it low like thunderstruck!!
Octave Tilt
-tune the point where the high string is activated with tilt
Tilt Axis
Chose which axis controls the high string activation

keep an eye out for updates on the playdate dev forum and see how it developed.

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Tags1bit, instroment, Music, Playdate, Soundtoy


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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This game and the videos you made to show it off are very cool. I am still not very familiar with itch or the Playdate community but it blows me away when I see someone(s) put so much work into a really good idea and I go down and don't see many comments. Also this totally fits with the idea of the small unique device having all sorts of interesting features about it.