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The game is so much fun. I got the Windows version. How do you save your progress?

Thanks, thers no save feature on windows. you have to rememeber the 4 letter password on the levels tape, u can press select to see the code again.

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Does the NES rom work on MiSTer FPGA? 

Edit: I ended up just giving it a try, and yes it does indeed work on the MiSTer!

Hey there, does the NES rom version have actual music?

Not sure what you mean but ye if you buy the game here you get the soundtrack :)

Where do I get the playdate release?


Hi, it'l well put it on itch when its ready. Still early days at looking at  the sdk. sorry for the dealy


No problem! Just interested!

I am too interested to get this game on the playdate! good luck working on it with the SDK

Shows this was updated 3 days. What was changed?

A couple bug fixes and changed the color of notes on slippy tiles

For the NES version?

ye for nes, I already made the changes for dc just forget to upload them to itch for nes

What about the physical version then? 

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hello, in the description you talk about the Dreamcast version but when I want to buy it, I only see the PC version, the NES version and the soundtrack. Is this an oversight on your part
Edit : I will use your "NES to Dreamcast" tutorial ;)

Hi sorry for late reply, dono if i added it after but its there now. Tapeworm.cdi is the dreamcast version

The game has been beautiful. Congratulations. ^^

I love this game!  Will the Dreamcast CDI be available to download soon?

Hi, im glad you enojy it . i have added it now :)

Does the steam version come with the NES rom?

Yes, right click on it then brows files, then its the game.nes, you can rename it and use it on emulators. the itch version comes with soundtrack though.