A downloadable Emulator wrapper

So you'v made a NES homebrew game and want to publish on steam! You've came to the right place. (Disclaimer, do not try to publish any nes game that you dont own)
I couldn't find an easy way to do this so a payed a friend to make it simpler and decided to share it with everyone. 

This has been getting flagged as a virus by a few antiviruses, its not , just allow it or temporally disable av while downloading. I'v submitted whitelist request or avg and Norton.

We do not take any responsibility for any projects you release with this.

Supported features:
Most mappers including 30
Controller remapping
Save files, if your game uses saves they will automatically lads the last saved file.

Dose not and will not include any steamworks SDK features due to the open source nature of the project.

Text instructions:
firewall might block the nes_game.exe(this file is safe just add it to a whitelist)
Change the name of NES_Game.exe to your game name
Replace splash.png with  your company logo (This is limited to the same res as the nes for now)
Replace game.nes with your rom file. Rename it to game.nes (should suport all mappers)
Replace icon file, this will show on top of game window bar
Edit  standalone_config.json 
-change the name of the app, this will display on top of window
-change any of the other options to true or false
-edit the time of the splash 
-all the stuff underneeth is controller mapping(Il explain that now)

Run the game By opening the exe
press escape  to open the menu 
Remap controls to how you like (if you change separate users to true the json file will be saved in appdata)(Im wanting to move save file there to but havent yet)

Zip this up and point steam to the name of your exe and upload the zip using the new web uploader.

Source code:

here's the programmer behind the edits


NestekV3.zip 13 MB