We fixed 2 player support on console. It worked in some emulators before but on hardware now.

New things:
In BootDreams if you choose Alcohol120%
Then go to Extras you can add custom mrlogo file. more info below
mrLogo with a disclaimer about it not actualy being published by sega and the tools to create a custom image if required.
Again in the Extras menu you can add audio tracks using cdda
Added a test cdda track from flea to test. This lows you to add the games soundtrack to the disc to be played on cd players. (just drop your audio files into the bootdreamas cdda folder, not that youl have to make them 0.5 speed to from to play at the coorrect speed  for some reason)
Hope this helps


NES_to_Dreamcast.zip 127 MB
Jun 08, 2020
NEStoDreamcast3itch.zip 145 MB
Jan 03, 2022

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Can it run fds games as well