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oh hell nah man

oh interesting. did it do that just before u took the screenshot? any idea what u did to make it happen ?

I think  we've had stuff like this before but if u die or reset the screen it should be ok after ?


Hello!So I was trying to clip through the hole in the transition of level one to get that crazy jump, once I get it, I go to the small section full of pickups and everything is weird AF. He also mentioned that this happened to me on April fools, so maybe it's one of you being funny. Anyway, it's a pleasure to report this to the developers! I always play games like this and appreciate those who look for things for their players. You are welcome.

 Sincerely Pustman

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Flea! 2 is amazing. I can't wait to the full game.  

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Context - I have not played Flea! 1

Good Stuff:

- The level design. Every room is a challenging but fair action-puzzle. Really, really good. 

-  The presentation. The art, the music, and the characters are all full of charm. 

Meh Stuff:

- The lives. I'm a bit split on this - they do a good job of keeping tension. However, the forcing players to redo levels, levels they already understand and thus can beat fairly easily, might not be the best disincentive for bad play. Also, by giving potions to skillful players, you make the game help players who are already good at the game, while hurting players who are less skilled.

-  Minor thing, but consider making the player dash regardless of whether they are moving in a direction. It rarely comes up, but when it does it makes the dash feel inconsistent.

Overall, this game is really, really good. I will definitely be checking out Flea! 1.

This game won't launch for me. Has this happened toother and is there a fix?

HI, sorry to hear its not running for u . in what way is it not working?
there should be a bit play game button at the the top of this webpage that loads the game in the browser . 

if ur trying to play the download u will need an emualtor like messen to run the game rom 

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Nice but challenging game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:06:02. English subtitles are also available (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂



where is start

In what way, there should be a run game button then press enter to start the game , u can remap the controls i the menu at the bottom of the game window

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ahh i understand now


Would be a great to have on a Nintendo switch.

Will be a stretch goal on the Kickstarter. Flea 1 and tapeworm are on switch, xbox, playstation as a combo called "Parasite pack" if u want a flea ix on switch :)


Sweet! I'm excited for this one. Flea is an awesome game.


Looks great on a handheld.
I think I'll need to get some practice in on the first one.


Cool game, I can see my hair either being pulled out completely.. or I'll turn grey after completing this one... thankfully it still has that amazingly addictive nature that you just cant put down.

Thanks man, let me know what u think of the new moon jump in the last 2 levels in the demo :)

Phase 2 of lowtek games, start selling wigs :P

I liked the moon jump, certainly adds a new dynamic to the game.  Though a few levels were a little bit too difficult too complete.  Some placements are a little tricky to reach.